A day trip to Trier (Germany’s oldest city)

By Prabhith Prabakaran


 “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”


During our trip to Luxembourg in Aug 2019, we managed to do a 1-day trip to Trier, the oldest city in Germany.  Trier was once the regional capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Sometimes referred to as the ‘second Rome’.

It’s around 45-50 Minutes journey by bus, from Luxembourg.

A normal search on internet would highlight mostly  the train options only (which is around 16+ Euros, one side – https://www.thetrainline.com) and some options like Flix bus is available at cheaper rates (around 6 Euros – https://global.flixbus.com).

The best option that I felt was BUS 30 which starts from the Gare De Luxembourg station (city center) Zone 23.

The ticket must be purchased from the counters inside the station and you can purchase the return ticket as well. The to and fro ticket price was around 9.6 Euros/adult.

Please note that you don’t have to carry your passport for your Luxembourg-Trier trip.

We visited the following places in Trier:

1)     Porta Nigra (towering Stone Roman Gate):

The Porta Nigra (large Roman city gate) is extremely old, with parts of the structure including the foundations dating back to 186 AD. While you can see the Porta Nigra for free from the outside, you must pay to walk up and explore the ruin itself.

Porta Nigra represents the last bastion of the Roman Empire’s presence north of the Alps.

The Romer Express (City Train ride) and the Hop on Hop off bus trip starts near to this place. You will also find an Information Centre from where you can grab a city map for free (Such free maps are available only with the people in the counters whereas all the other maps in shelves comes with a price tag).

There is also a Euro shop near Porta Nigra, from where you can get some Trier souvenirs (and other articles) at a reasonable price.

2)      Karl Marx Statue (Near to Porta Nigra):

In 2018, Trier celebrated the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, it’s most famous inhabitant.
On this occasion, China donated a statue honouring the spiritual father of communism
The statue weighs 2.3 tons and stands 5.5 meters high. The statue was originally proposed to be 6.2 meters. Trier stated that they would not be able to accept such a large statue so, in the spirit of compromise, the Chinese decreased the height by 27 inches and shipped the current statue.

3)     Mosel river Cruise:

I have seen 2 cruise options; 1-hour trip and a 2-hour trip. The price was around 12 Euros/person. I personally felt that the cruise trip is not that attractive.

Various snacks, ice creams and drinks are also served in the cruise boat (not free though). Most of the boats have an open roof. Lot of tourists (especially in groups) explore this river cruise option.

3 A) Mariensäule:

You can also take some snaps of Mariensäule more closely from the cruise.  Visible for miles at a height of 300 metres on the left bank of the Moselle is a Marian column placed here in the 1860s. The monument towers above the woodland at the top sandstone cliffs and was funded by donations from Trier’s Catholic congregation.

In case if you want to go near this monument, you can catch a bus to just 20 metres below the column, and on the platform,  you can soak up an all-encompassing view of the Moselle and Trier.

4) The Romer Express city train trip:

The Romer Express city train trip takes you through a round trip of old city of Trier.

Price was around 9 Euros/Adult and the total travel time is around 35 minutes.

It’s a Nonstop journey and you cannot get down at any main attractions. Around 50 people can travel at a time in a single trip. More details here : http://www.roemer-express.de/en

City tour commentary is available in English, French and German.

Major places covered in the trip are:

4 a) The Roman Amphitheatre in Trier:

   The Trier Amphitheater is a Roman Amphitheater in Trier, Germany.

   The arena itself is surrounded by a protecting wall with openings for animal cages.   

4 b)  Imperial Roman Baths in Trier:

   The Trier Imperial Baths are a large Roman bath complex in Trier, Germany. It is designated as part of the Roman               Monuments, Cathedral of St. Peter and Church of Our Lady in Trier UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was constructed in the 4th century AD. The whole place spoke about the existence of the Roman Empire.

4 c)      Karl Marx House:

The birthplace of one the most influential German scholars of the 19th century, the Karl Marx House in Trier is among Germany’s most important historical museums.

Redesigned in 2005, the permanent exhibition provides a vivid and accessible tour of Karl Marx (1818-1883) the man, his place in history and the development of his philosophical and economic ideas. Key works such as ‘The Communist Party Manifesto’ and ‘Das Kapital’ are placed in their 19th-century context.

4d)      City Sky Liner:

It’s a Mobile observation tower in Trier.

More details here à https://www.trier-info.de/eventkalender/eventDetails?eventId=22071&terminId=471917

5) Cathedral of Trier (Oldest in Germany):

The Romer Express city train trip will take you near this cathedral.

But I would certainly recommend you visit this Cathedral (a Must see in Trier)

This is a Roman Cathedral in Trier.  It is the oldest church in Germany and the largest religious structure in Trier, notable for its long-life span and grand design.

Today, the cathedral is an important Catholic shrine that still receives pilgrims from all over the world.

You can take photos/videos inside the cathedral

6)  Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Lady):

The Liebfrauenkirche (Church of Our Dear Lady) is a 13th-century parish church in Trier, separated from Trier cathedral by a narrow passageway.

7) Hauptmarkt (Main Market):

This is another major attraction in Trier. It’s basically a square, near Cathedral of Trier.

 This is the centre of the city’s commercial activity, and you will find an abundance of stores where you can go shopping as well as cafes and restaurants (including some Souvenir shops)

This public square (where many buildings are facing towards the square) has served as Trier’s main marketplace since medieval times.

8) Alleen center (Shopping mall):

If you are looking for some shopping or some common food chains like Burger King, this mall would be a good option.

More details Here à https://alleencenter.com/

In case if you want to explore more, you could also check the below Options:

Aula Palatina

Rheinisches Landesmuseum

Electoral Palace


Basilica of St. Paulinus


Barbara Baths

Trier Galerie

Rhineland Museum

The Palace Garden

St. Matthias’ Abbey

Wine Tasting

Thermen am Viehmarkt

Hop On Hop off city tour

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